Great research is the foundation for every successful public affairs or advocacy campaign. Without research, you’re simply guessing.


Understanding public opinion to achieve business and policy success is what we’ve been doing since 1980. Our knowledge of the local and regional public opinion landscape runs deep.

Creating an effective strategy to build your brand or to advocate for your organization, industry or issue begins with understanding public opinion and what drives it.

Our mission is to help clients hear and understand the voice of their community.

Our core principle is that your survey research should be actionable and it should support meaningful decision-making, program development, communications and public relations. It should be easily and directly applied to positioning, advocacy, and advertising to tell your story effectively.

Our survey research will help you understand:

  • How your audience will respond to different messages
  • How your audience will respond to different messengers
  • How to talk – or not talk – about your issues
  • Your audience’s perceptions and priorities

We also advise clients to utilize survey research as a tool to keep in touch with their community to help determine priorities and goals for the future.

Our survey research services work seamlessly with our government affairs, strategic communications and public affairs campaign services to forge integrated, unique solutions to every client’s goals.

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