Public Affairs Counsel’s reputation in the lobbying profession is for providing our clients with tireless and strategic representation.


PAC partners with clients to provide year-round coverage of Oregon’s legislative process and regulatory proceedings.

We offer three primary types of lobbying and advocacy: (1) legislative advocacy in the Oregon state legislature, (2) regulatory advocacy with state agencies, and (3) procurement advocacy at both the legislature and in state government.

PAC provides the following services to all lobby clients:

Strategy Setting & Issue Identification

PAC partners with clients to identify issues of importance that are likely to be considered by the legislature. Detailed strategies are developed as to how these issues will be addressed. In addition, PAC partners with clients to identify all other issues of concern to the client that arise during the legislative session.

Process, Access and Diligence

The PAC team puts their complete insider’s knowledge of the legislative process to work for our clients. In order to achieve the best possible outcomes, it is critical to influence the process itself. PAC also uses its access to legislators and knowledge of the legislative process, developed over many years, to the continual advantage of our clients.

Monitoring of Legislation

On a daily basis, PAC reviews all legislation and amendments that are introduced in the legislature and flags all bills that relate to our client’s identified interests. Bills are regularly flagged for clients to avoid unwanted, last-minute surprises.

Meetings with Legislators

PAC lobbyists meet regularly with members of the legislative leadership, committee chairs, and other legislators to identify and advocate for issues of importance to our clients. These contacts are constantly occurring throughout session. PAC also works to put clients in front of key legislators to build relationships and rapport.

Testimony to Legislative Committees

PAC coordinates testimony on client issues before legislative committees. In some instances, the client will be asked to provide testimony. In other cases, PAC lobbyists do the speaking.

Liaison with Other Interest Groups/Lobbyists

PAC maintains on-going relationships with lobbyists and organizations who share common interests and positions with clients. In this way, effective coalitions can be formed to advance or defeat particular issues.

Final Reporting of Legislative Actions

At the conclusion of each legislative session, PAC prepares a final in-depth report on all legislation which has been prioritized by the client. Of particular importance, PAC catalogs its activity for each client along with a determination of next steps, if necessary.

Monitoring of Interim Legislative Activity

PAC monitors the interim activities of all legislative committees and task forces that are dealing with issues of interest to clients. Clients are updated on the status of issues being discussed by these committees when the legislature is not in session. This is usually a critical time for clients when emerging legislative issues take shape.

Regulatory Advocacy

PAC monitors and actively engages with state agencies that are in a position to affect client interests. In some instances, this involves issues of agency rulemaking. In others it concerns influencing policy decisions through direct contact with agency administrators and staff.

Procurement Advocacy

In many cases, the state government is a major purchaser of goods and services from clients. PAC works in both the legislature and agency level to give our clients the best opportunity to earn public sector sales and get a foothold in the public sector market.

Polling on Issues & Political Races

PAC owns the renowned public opinion survey research firm The Nelson Report and extensively polls issues and political races. PAC is in a unique position to advise clients on political trends, political giving, issues, and election outcomes.

Political Insight

Oftentimes, clients make decisions based on where they believe the political winds are blowing. Very few firms have the ability to deliver the incisive political insight needed to make important decisions. Public Affairs Counsel is one of those firms.